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Question #1: Where does Sanshiro get his amazing athletic ability? ....Is it in his DNA?

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

My youngest child, Sanshiro Murao
Sanshiro Murao, Japanese Judoka

I have been asked this question more than a few times, and I always say, "He clearly didn't get it from ME!" I did play on the tennis team in high school and really enjoyed it and I do like to go to the gym, but that is about it." Let's analyze this question by looking at the gene pool.....We will start with mine, the Grow family (after all this is my blog!


We do have one famous athlete in our fold...Chris Pollard, head coach of Duke University Baseball. Though I should be honest and say that my sister's husband, Larry, is quite athletic (he was a track and field star at our high school and has a black belt in Karate) ... so I hope this does not rule out my side of the family. .....Chris and his brother, Andrew were both quite impressive at a young age in baseball. Although younger brother Andrew chose to pursue different goals, Chris went on to play for Davidson in university and was a star pitcher. He then played for some major league farm teams on his way up to the majors but decided he found his passion in coaching. And what a coach he is! He took Appalachian State from 11th to NCAA regional and then went to Duke where he has taken them to NCAA regional and twice to NCAA super regional under his watch. Go Duke!

As for the rest of us, my father said he played a bit of soccer when he was very young. I find this curious since soccer was not very popular among kids in the USA until recently. I need to find out more about that...

My mother broke her wrist when she fell playing kickball with my nephew when he was little, so I think that rules her out! Sorry - Mom!

My sister was also a cheerleader - Head Cheerleader in fact. I couldn't compete with that so I turned to tennis.

My brother is a computer programmer so actually I usually don't know what he is talking about - but I sense that it is impressive. He could breakdance when he was young if that counts for anything! He also was a professional chef - so he can cook! I am beginning to feel inadequate in too many areas so I will move on...

My brother's son, Ian, is quite impressive. He amazed us on our visit to the US with his computer skills. He is majoring in physics at Lynchburg University (my alma mater) and already working at an international company while he goes to university where he entered as a sophomore! Well, we do have some brains on our side of the family!

I am so relieved. I think the Grows brought some good things to the gene pool!

I think it is best to move on to the Murao side of the tree tomorrow before I become depressed!

See you next time!

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