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Welcome to my New Blog! Judo Mom.....The Murao Story

Recently, I was featured in an article in the Japan Times Newspaper, "It takes a Village to Raise an Olympic Hopeful". Since then, there seem to be lots of questions about what life has been like in Japan as an American raising three children who are quite athletic (the oldest, Mashu, was a rugby player but also has a black belt in Judo, Maya, was on Judo teams from first grade to twelfth grade, and Sanshiro has been going for his dream to go to the Olympics in Judo for Japan since he was 5 years old.

Recently the big brother, Mashu, started his own company dou.judo and his new blog site to promote Sanshiro and judo in Japan by telling our story in Japanese. I will give my take in English of the exciting and sometimes crazy journey so far. I hope you will join me!

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